C Program to Print Good Morning, Evening, and Night According to Time

In this article, we will learn about how to create a program in C that takes time (in 24-hour format) as input from the user (at run-time) and prints a message accordingly, as defined below:

In 24-hour time format:

Let's take a look at the program:

int main()
    int t;
    printf("Enter the time (1-24): ");
    scanf("%d", &t);
    if(t>0 && t<=3)
        printf("Good Night");
    else if(t>3 && t<12)
        printf("Good Morning");
    else if(t==12)
        printf("Good Noon");
    else if(t>12 && t<=15)
        printf("Good AfterNoon");
    else if(t>15 && t<20)
        printf("Good Evening");
    else if(t>=20 && t<=24)
        printf("Good Night");
        printf("Unknown time!");
    return 0;

Because the program was written in the Code::Blocks IDE, here is a snapshot of the sample run after a successful build and run:

c program print message with time

Now enter the time, say 8. The user has to enter the time in 24-hour format; entering 8 means 8 a.m., and entering 20 means 8 p.m. Here is the second snapshot of the sample run:

print good morning night c program

Now let's check with another sample run by supplying 20 as input. In 24-hour format, 20 will be 8PM. Here is a snapshot of the second sample run:

print message with time c program

Below are some of the main steps used in the above program:

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