Python Convert bytearray to String

This article is created to cover a program in Python that converts a bytearray object to a string object. The program is created in a similar way, from bytes to string.

The question is, "Write a Python program to convert bytearray to string." The program given below is its answer:

data = b'Python Programming'
print("bytearray =", data)
data = data.decode()
print("string =", data)

The snapshot given below shows the sample output of the above Python program, demonstrating bytearray to string:

python program bytearray to string

In the above example, the first line initializes a bytearray object named data with the value 'Python Programming'. The b before the string indicates that it is a bytes object.

The second line uses the print() function to display the bytearray object. Since the object is a bytes object, the output will show a string of byte values enclosed in b''.

The third line assigns the value of data after decoding it to a new variable data which is now a string object.

The fourth line uses the print() function again to display the new string value of data. Since the decode() method is used to convert the bytes to a string, the output of the print statement will display the string value of 'Python Programming'.

bytearray to String in Python

This program allows the user to enter the string. The string gets converted into bytearray with utf-8 encoding, and then the bytearray gets converted back to the string using the decode() method with utf-8 decoding.

print("Enter the String: ", end="")
x = input()

print("\nThe string:")

x = bytearray(x, "utf-8")
print("\nThe bytearray:")

x = x.decode()
print("\nAgain the String:")

Here is its sample run with user input: codescracker dot com

python convert bytearray to string

The above example code prompts the user to enter a string and then reads it using the input() function. It then prints the input string, converts it to a bytearray using the bytearray() function with the encoding format "utf-8", and prints the resulting bytearray. The program then converts the bytearray back to a string using the decode() method with the "utf-8" encoding format and prints the resulting string.

If the bytearray object's data is encoded using another encoding, like utf-16, then we need to use the same decoding while converting the bytearray object to a string object using the decode() method.

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