Python Program to Convert Kilometres to Miles

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Convert Kilometres to Miles in Python

To convert kilometres to miles in python, you have to ask from user to enter the value of distance in kilometre to convert that distance into miles as shown here in the program given below.

Python Programming Code to Convert Kilometres to Miles

To convert any number of kilometres into miles then just multiply that kilometre value into the value, that is, 0.621371. After multiplying the kilometre value into this number, then the answer you will get will be the same value but in mile.

Following python program ask from user to enter distance in kilometre to find the equivalent distance in mile:

# Python Program - Convert Kilometres to Miles

print("Enter 'x' for exit.")
km = input("Enter total kilometres: ")
if km == 'x':
    kilometres = float(km)
    conversion_factor = 0.621371
    miles = kilometres * conversion_factor
    print("%0.2f Kilometres = %0.2f Miles.\n" %(kilometres,miles))

Here is the sample run of the above Python program demonstrating how to convert distance from kilometre to miles:

convert kilometre to mile python

Type value in kilometre say 10 and press enter to find the value in mile:

kilometre to mile python

Following is same program on python shell:

python convert kilometres to miles

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