Python Program to Reverse a String

This article covers multiple programs in Python that find and prints the reverse of a string, entered by user at run-time of the program. Here are the list of programs covered in this article:

Python Reverse a String

The question is, write a Python program to find and print the reverse of a given string. The program given below is its answer:

print("Enter the String: ", end="")
str = input()

strRev = str[::-1]
str = strRev
print("\nReverse =", str)

The snapshot given below shows the sample run of above Python program, with user input codescracker as string to find and print its reverse:

reverse string program python

Here is another sample run with user input codes cracker dot com:

reverse string python

Python Reverse a String using for Loop

This program does the same job as of previous program. But this program is created using for loop.

print("Enter the String: ", end="")
str = input()

strRev = ""
for ch in str:
    strRev = ch + strRev

str = strRev
print("\nReverse =", str)

Here is its sample run with user input, Welcome to Python:

reverse a string python

Reverse a String using Function

Here is another program in Python, that find and print the reverse of a given string, using a user-defined function named revStr():

def revStr(s):
    sReverse = s[::-1]
    return sReverse

print("Enter the String: ", end="")
str = input()

str = revStr(str)
print("\nReverse =", str)

You'll get the similar output as of previous program.

Reverse a String using Recursion

This is the last program of this article, created using recursive function or recursion to reverse a string.

def revStr(s):
    if len(s) == 0:
        return s
        return revStr(s[1:]) + s[0]

print("Enter the String: ", end="")
mystr = input()

mystr = revStr(mystr)
print("\nReverse =", mystr)

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