PHP MySQLi Setup

Before start storing, fetching, updating, or deleting the data/information of your user in/from the database, you need to setup the environment first.

To run a PHP script, you need a web server. And to work with database, you need a database server.

In this series of PHP MySQLi tutorial, I am going to use XAMPP, that comes with both, a web server (Apache), as well as a database server (MySQL).

Reason behind, why I am going to use XAMPP, is:
Both Windows as well as Linux system supports XAMPP. Also, it is too easy to setup and use.


Download and install the XAMPP from Internet. Then open it (XAMPP Control Panel), the window you will see:

php mysqli setup

Click on the Start button, next to Apache, to start the Apache web server. Now we can execute PHP script.

Click on the Start button, next to MySQL, to start the MySQL database server. Now we can work with database using PHP script.

Here is the snapshot, after starting both:

php mysqli setup xampp

Everything got set. From next, you will get to learn, how to create a database.

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