PHP ftell() | Find Current Position of File Pointer

The PHP ftell() function is used when we need to find the current position of file pointer in the file. For example:

   $file = "codescracker.txt";
   $fp = fopen($file, "r");
   $character = fgetc($fp);
   echo $character;
   $currentPos = ftell($fp);
   echo "<br>The current position of file pointer: " . $currentPos;

The output produced by above PHP example on ftell() function is:

php ftell function

And here is the snapshot of the file codescracker.txt used in above example:

php ftell function example

Let me modify the above example, to convert to a self-defined example on ftell() function in PHP:

   $fp = fopen("codescracker.txt", "r");
      echo "<p>The current position: " .ftell($fp). "</p>";
      echo "<p>The first character: " .fgetc($fp). "</p>";
      echo "<p>Now the current position: " .ftell($fp). "</p><hr>";
      echo "<p>The next (second) character: " .fgetc($fp). "</p>";
      echo "<p>The current position: " .ftell($fp). "</p><hr>";
      echo "<p>The next (third) character: " .fgetc($fp). "</p>";
      echo "<p>The current position: " .ftell($fp). "</p>";
      echo "<p>Unable to open the file</p>";

Now the output should be:

php ftell example

PHP ftell() Syntax

The syntax of ftell() function in PHP, is:


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