PHP mysqli: A Beginner-Friendly Tutorial

When it comes to creating dynamic and interactive websites, PHP and MySQL are two indispensable technologies. The combination of MySQL, an open-source relational database management system, and the server-side scripting language PHP results in highly functional data storage and management.

When combined, PHP and MySQL are a formidable force that simplifies the development of complex web applications. The fundamentals of PHP, MySQL, and their interplay will be covered here.

MySQL and mysqli (MySQL Improved) are two different APIs for connecting to a MySQL database server in PHP. In this "PHP mysqli" tutorial series, I will use mysqli instead of the traditional MySQL API because it has more advanced features (like prepared statements, object-oriented programming, and so on) and runs faster.

The same SQL query can be run multiple times with different parameter values using prepared statements. Prepared statements can enhance the performance of database queries and aid in the prevention of SQL injection attacks.

Note: From now on, "MySQL" refers to the database management system, not the API. I'll use "mysqli" as an API.

Why use PHP with mysqli?

You can use the PHP scripting language on your web to connect with your database, like MySQL.

If you want to run your database or use it to feed, retrieve, update, or delete data from your website or the web, PHP with mysqli is one of the ways to go.

PHP mysqli topics

This PHP mysqli tutorial is divided into the following separate parts:

Starting from the next post, all these topics will be covered one by one, with all the details and codes.

And, after covering the aforementioned topics, I believe you will enjoy learning the following functions, which will be used in the aforementioned topics of the "PHP mysqli" tutorial series.

Features of using PHP with mysqli

Following is a list of some of the main features or characteristics of using PHP with mysqli.

Advantages of using PHP with mysqli

Here are some advantages of using PHP with mysqli:

Disadvantages of using PHP with mysqli

Here are some disadvantages of using PHP with mysqli:

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