PHP error_reporting() | Enable/Disable Error Reporting

The PHP error_reporting() function is used when we need to define what errors to be displayed. For example:

   echo "<BR>Before \$x<BR>";
   echo $x;
   echo "<BR>After \$x<BR>";

The output produced by above PHP example on error_reporting() function is shown in the snapshot given below:

php error reporting function

Notice the $x, that is not defined. But there is no error displayed in the web browser. It is because, I have turned off the reporting of all errors using the first statement, that is error_reporting(0);. But, if I remove this statement, then the output should be:

php error reporting turn off error

PHP error_reporting() Syntax

The syntax of error_reporting() function in PHP, is:


The level parameter is optional, used to specify the error reporting level. List of predefined error constants, that can be used to define level, are described in its separate article.

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