PHP Delete File

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To delete any file in PHP, use unlink() function.

PHP Delete File Syntax

Here is the general form of deleting a file in PHP.


PHP Delete File Example

Before delete any file in PHP, let's first see the screenshot of C:\xampp\htdocs\ directory folder. Below is the screenshot of this directory.

php delete file

As you can see, there is a file named codescracker is present inside the current directory which is a textual file.

Now, here is an example of deleting a file in PHP

	<title>Deleting a file in PHP</title>
	$file_name = "codescracker.txt";
	echo "<p>Deleting the file <b>".$file_name."</b>.....</p>";
	echo "<p>File deleted successfully.</p>";

Here is the sample output produced by the above deleting file example code in PHP.

deleting a file php

And here is the screenshot of the current directory folder.

php delete file example

As you can see, the file codescracker.txt is deleted from the current directory.

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