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The caption-side property is used to specify the position of a table caption.

A table caption is a short description that is provided with a table, specifying its number, the number of the chapter it belongs to, and the information that it is imparting.

You can use the caption-side property to display the table caption on the top as well as at the bottom of the table.

CSS caption-side Property Values

The following table describes the possible values of the caption-side property:

Value Description
top Defines a caption on the top of a table
bottom Defines a caption at the bottom of a table
inherit Specifies that the value of the caption-side property is inherited from its containing element

CSS caption-side Property Syntax

The following syntax shows an example of specifying the caption-side property in a table :

table { caption-side: bottom; }

In the preceding syntax, the value of the caption-side property is bottom, indicating that the table caption appears below the table.

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