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CSS Border Tutorial

Here you will learn all about CSS border with examples. Using CSS border properties, you can specify the border style, color, size of an element.

The border specifies a space between the padding and content in the box model. The border properties in CSS define the width, color, and style of border area of the box.

The border property can also set the style, width, and color of the border property in one declaration, also known as border shorthand.

Here is the general form used to set the border around an element using CSS:

border: 1px solid value;

CSS3 also introduces some new properties that apply to the borders of a box like shape, such as border-radius, border-image, and box-shadow.

The border-radius property enables you to create rounded corners to the borders of a box to design elements. The border-image property enables you to insert an image in a border, while the box-shadow property allows you to attach shadows to a box.

You will learn all about borders in CSS divided into the following separate tutorials:

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