JavaScript slice(): Slice a String

The JavaScript slice() method is used to extract the required substring from the specified string. For example:

HTML with JavaScript Code
<!DOCTYPE html>

   <p id="xyz"></p>

      let myString = "JavaScript is Fun.";
      let mySubString = myString.slice(11, 13);
      document.getElementById("xyz").innerHTML = mySubString;

Since indexing starts with 0, therefore in the string "JavaScript is Fun."

In the above example, firstly, a string variable named myString is declared and initialized with the value "JavaScript is Fun.".

Then, the slice() method is called on the myString variable with two arguments, 11 and 13. The first argument 11 specifies the starting index from which to begin extracting characters from the string, and the second argument 13 specifies the ending index up to which the characters are to be extracted, but not including the character at the index specified by the second argument.

So, in this case, the slice() method extracts the characters starting from index 11 (which is the letter "F" in "Fun") up to index 13 (which is the period "." at the end of the string), but not including the character at index 13. Therefore, the variable mySubString contains the value "Fu".

Finally, the value of mySubString is assigned to the inner HTML of an element with the id "xyz," which results in the text "Fu" being displayed on the webpage.

JavaScript slice() syntax

The syntax of the slice() method in JavaScript is:

string.slice(startIndex, endIndex)

The startIndex argument is required, whereas the endIndex argument is optional. The default value of endIndex is the length of the specified string (string.length - 1).

Note: The startIndex value is included, whereas the endIndex value is excluded while slicing the string. For example: string.slice(3, 6) states that the character from index no. 3 to index no. 5 will be sliced or extracted, including characters are 3 and 5 indexes.

Note: The string.slice(0, 1) function extracts the first character from the string.

Note: The string.slice(-1) function extracts the last character from the string.

Note: The string.slice(0) function extracts the whole string.

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