JavaScript slice() | Slice String

The JavaScript slice() method is used to extract required substring from specified string. For example:

HTML with JavaScript Code
<!DOCTYPE html>

   <p id="xyz"></p>

      let myString = "JavaScript is Fun.";
      let mySubString = myString.slice(11, 13);
      document.getElementById("xyz").innerHTML = mySubString;

Since indexing starts with 0, therefore in the string "JavaScript is Fun."

JavaScript slice() Syntax

The syntax of slice() method in JavaScript is:

string.slice(startIndex, endIndex)

The startIndex argument is required, whereas the endIndex argument is optional. The default value of endIndex is the length of specified string (string.length - 1).

Note: The startIndex value is included, whereas the endIndex value is excluded while slicing the string. For example: string.slice(3, 6) states that the character from index no.3 to index no.5 will be sliced or extracted including characters are 3 and 5 indexes.

Note: The string.slice(0, 1) extracts the first character from the string.

Note: The string.slice(-1) extracts the last character from the string.

Note: The string.slice(0) extracts whole string.

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