Types of Computer on basis of Structure

Computers are divided into three types according to their structure, speed architecture:

  • Analogue computers
  • Digital computers
  • Hybrid computers

Analogue Computers

The computer which provide us continuous information are called analogue computers.

Analogue computers represent physical quantities in the form of waves or in continuous form.

Examples of Analogue Computers

Thermometer is the example of analogue computer because it measures the length of a Mercury column continuously.

Traditional clock is also an example of analogue computer because the needle of clock covers the distance of dial continuously.

Weight machine and speedometer are other examples of analogue computers.

Characteristics of Analogue Computers

Here are some of the main characteristics of analogue computer:

  • have no state
  • fast speed
  • not reliable
  • base for digital computers
  • difficult to operate and use
  • easy to develop
  • have a small memory

Digital Computers

The computers which present physical quantities with the help of symbols or numbers and provide us discrete information are called digital computers.

Examples of Digital Computers

Digital watch, digital petrol stations, and the computer which we use nowadays are the examples of digital computers.

Characteristics of the Digital Computers

Here are some of the main characteristics of digital computers:

  • have two states On (0) and Off (1)
  • easy to use
  • human being like to use digital computers
  • reliable
  • have big memory
  • working speed is slower as compared to analogue computers
  • are further divided into different categories such as personal computers, mainframe computers, and supercomputers

Hybrid Computers

The computers which have qualities of both digital and analogue computers are called hybrid computers.

Hybrid computer has the speed of analogue and the accuracy of digital computer.

Examples of Hybrid Computers

In ICU (Intensive Care Unit) of a hospital, hybrid computers are used. These computers analogue quality controls the temperature of the room digital quality inform the doctor about the blood pressure, temperature, and physical status of the patient.

In Cement factory a hybrid computer is used where all calculations are performed by the digital computers and actions like increase of material are performed by the analogue computers.

Characteristics of the Hybrid Computers

Here are the list of some main characteristics of hybrid computers:

  • reliable and provide accurate result
  • fast and speedy

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