Central Processing Unit (CPU)

This post was written and distributed with the intention of elucidating "Central Processing Unit," also known as CPU, which is without a doubt one of the most critical elements that make up a computer system. It is also sometimes referred to as the skeleton of a computer system. Before we begin, let's first define it.

What is CPU?

CPU stands for central processing unit. It works the same as our brain works in the body, or you can say that it is the brain of any computer system that is responsible for controlling all the other components attached to the computer system such as the keyboard, mouse, memory, printer, etc.

cpu brain of computer

The CPU of a small computer has a single microprocessor, whereas the CPU of any large computer may contain multiple microprocessors.

Take note that a microprocessor only performs one function. Both a CU and an ALU can be found in a microprocessor. The letters CU and ALU stand for "control unit" and "arithmetic and logic unit," respectively.

Primary Components of CPU

The central processing unit of a microprocessor is created when main memory is added to the device. As a result, the following is a list of the primary components of a CPU:

I've created a graphical representation of all three of these components of the central processing unit for your convenience, and it looks like this:

central processing unit cpu

Another image showing the actual CPU is shown below. The image provided below is required for you to understand what a CPU looks like.

cpu actual central processing unit

Now, let's take a quick look at each of the aforementioned major components of a CPU.

Control unit (CU)

This portion of the central processing unit (CPU) is responsible for controlling the entirety of the operations carried out by a computer system. This component is also responsible for controlling the movement of data between the memory and the input/output devices, also known as I/O devices.

Arithmetic logic unit (ALU)

This section of the unit is where all of the calculations are carried out. Additionally, all of the decisions that are made within the computer system are made by the ALU.

Every single ALU is built with the capability of carrying out all of the fundamental arithmetic and logical operations, which are as follows:

Primary memory

Because this is the part of the computer system that stores the essential operating systems, such as MS-DOS or Windows, it is the most important component of any computer system.

The data that is currently being worked on by the central processing unit is stored in primary memory, also known as main memory. You are all aware that this memory is located within the CPU; consequently, you can refer to it as either the internal memory or the RAM. Memory that can be accessed in a random order is called RAM.

To understand all the types of computer memory, you can refer to its separate article.

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