Basic Applications of Computer

Computer is a device through which you can perform a variety of jobs. You can use your computer system for different applications by changing the software packages. Here are the list of uses or applications of computer:

  • Scientific research
  • Business application
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Banks
  • Communication
  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Book Publishing
  • Games
  • Personal
  • Accounting

Let's briefly describe about all the above 12 basic Applications of Computer one by one.

For Scientific Research

Scientific research was the first application of computer, as computer was first used to perform this job, that is scientific research. At that time to now, the speed and accuracy of computer enabled scientific analysis carried out too fast.

Computer controlled robots must be used in all those areas where there is danger to human being such as in nuclear research and deep sea investigation etc.

For Business Application

Computer can also be used for the purpose of business.

Through computer, companies can grow their business as fast as possible through quick analysis of their previous project on the computer screen (according to the data feeded inside) and deciding what to do next without any delay.

As from individual to multinational companies, all are using computer for business purpose like keeping account information, stocks, prices, items etc.

For Education

You can also use your computer system to educate yourself through audio, videos or images etc.

Now-a-days, there are thousands of websites available over Internet that are ready to deliver education for free in almost every subjects.

You can choose whether you want to learn online or offline. In online learning, you can open any website to read your desired topic while in offline learning you can learn through videos, PDFs photos etc., all these documents can be downloaded through internet.

For Entertainment

Most of the persons are using computer for entertainment purposes such as:

  • watching movies
  • watching videos
  • listening songs
  • photos
  • animations etc.

Computer can be used to create these things in an attractive manner so that user loves to enjoy the things.

In Banks

Banks are the place where there is continuous uses of computer or we can says that banks are the major users of computers. For example, ATM (Automated teller machine) is used where we are free to either deposit or withdraw our cash in/from our Bank.

In banks, all information such as account holders detail, deposits, withdrawal, interest, etc. are managed by computers.

Banks are also using computer network to interconnect all of its branches so that their users feel always free to deposit his or her money in any branch of the same bank.

For Communication

Using your computer system for the purpose of communication gives you a lot of benefits. For example, if you will use email to send message or anything to your friends or any of your contacts, then you don't have to use pen and paper to write and take that paper to post office and then postman will deliver that later after some or few days that will not good if you want to send any urgent information to the same person.

Therefore, using email, you can also saves your time and cost to deliver any information very fast. You only need a computer and internet connectivity.

Now-a-days, peoples are using chat message, email, voice-mail etc. for communication purpose.

You can also use computer to communicate through direct video conference with your contacts/friends present at any place without any cost except internet connectivity.

Now you have got enough idea about communication through computer. It's time to move on another application of computer which is engineering.

For Engineering Purposes

Computer are also using for the purpose of Engineering, that is, to design any machine without actually making it through CAD (Computer aided design) softwares and once the design is accepted, and then using CAM (Computer aided manufacturing) process company can produce a large number of such products at very fast speed.

Architects are also using computers to draw and design individual houses to big buildings like Apartments. There are a lot more uses of computer for engineering purposes.

For Medicines Related

Computer plays an important role in medical field also. For example in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) chamber in hospital, computer keeps track of each and everything going inside the patient's body such as blood pressure and Heartbeat etc.

Keeping record of patients and medicines are also becomes easy through the use of Computer. Computer also plays an important role to perform CT (Computed tomography) scan and X-Ray of patients to give the scanned object of specified area of patient's body in the form of graphics like images.

For Book Publishing

Book publishing becomes an easy task with the use of computer.

Book publishers are now using DTP (Desktop publishing) software like MS-Word to publish their books.

For Games

Now-a-days, peoples are using computers most of the time to play games.

For online games to play, you must have the internet connectivity whereas for offline games, you can start without any internet connectivity.

There are a variety of games available in computer world. Here are some of the category available in the game field:

  • action
  • racing
  • adventurous
  • puzzle
  • simulations
  • combat etc.

Peoples are playing (mostly today's or new generation childs) games on computer for few to many hours.

Some popular games are listed here:

  • Minecraft
  • Counter Strike
  • PubG
  • WoW
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Skyrim
  • Angry Bird
  • Call of Duty
  • Halo
  • Pokemon
  • Super Mario Bros etc.

For Personal Use

Computer can also be used for personal purposes.

One can use computer system to keep all the day-to-day details that are essential to keep anywhere.

You can use it for personal things such as investments, incomes, expenditures, savings etc.

For Accounting Purposes

Computers are highly used for accounting purposes to handle company financial accounts and inventory management using some accounting software like Tally.

With the use of computer the task of maintaining accounts become very easy. Later you can also retrieve the data on the basis of various pattern or requirement very easily.

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