Computer Fundamental/Basics Tutorial

Here you will learn about computer fundamental or computer basics from very basic to an advance level.

Every computer user must have to aware about basic concepts of computer. As having awareness of some basics of computer makes you a better computer user.

Or you can say that, if anyone have basic knowledge about computer system, then he/she can use his/her computer in an efficient way without creating any mistake or problem.

In modern world, awareness of computer becomes an important topics as it's a technology era. And in future, may be most of the things works on the basis of computer.

When the fifth generation of computer came into existence, then may be almost everything goes computerize with the use of artificial intelligence.

Therefore, here you will find each and every important things about computer here, that comes in the category of computer basics knowledge.

Without having idea about computer, you can not stand-up in modern world to make your future bright.


This tutorial to achieve basics knowledge of computer, is designed to help all those peoples who are interested in learning fundamentals of computer.

Each and every tutorial here, is designed to make everyone understand about the specified topic in a clear way without any doubt after reading the full respective article.


Before start getting into it to learn fundamental of computer, it is not compulsory that you must have any prior knowledge about anything. The only thing is that, you must have some basic English skills to understand the topic written over here.

But if you are aware of computer and related topics, then you will enjoy learning all the articles written here and will gain some extra knowledge.

Computer Fundamental Online Test

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