Python print Statement

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Here you will learn about print statement or print function in python with example.

The print statement in Python is used to output character or string.

Python print Syntax

Here is the general form to use print statement in python.

print("any character or string");

In the above syntax of print statement, print is the keyword, opening (" and closing ") followed by ; are the syntax to write print statement in python to successfully output any required combination of characters on the output screen.

As you can see from the above general form, how straight forward, the print statement is. That is, if a computer programmer doesn't know anything about python can still print their required thing on the output screen using the above simple print statement general form.

Python print Example

Now, let's take an example of print statement in Python.

print("I am going to show on output using print");

If you run the above example, then this is the output you will see.

python print statement

Let's take another example of print statement in Python.

print("This is");
print("Python print Statement Tutorial\non codescracker");
print("\nThank You!");

Below is the sample run of the above print statement example code in Python.

print statement in python

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