Python Functions

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A function in python, is a block of code, used to perform a particular action.

Python Function Definition

To define a function in python, follow these rules:

Here is the general form to define a function in python:

def function_name(parameters):
	return [expression]

Here is an example, takes one string parameter and prints this argument as output:

def printit(strn):
	"This will print the passed string into this function"

Python Function Calling

To execute a function in python, you have to call it from another function or directly from the python prompt. Here is an example, showing how to call a function in python:

# Python Functions - Call a Function in Python - Example Program

def printit(strn):
    "This will print a passed string inside this function"

printit("This is the first call to the user-define function, printit");
printit("This is the second call to the same function, that is, printit");
printit("This is an another call to the same function, printit");

Here is the output produced by the above python program:

python functions

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