Python Variables

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Variables in Python, are the reserved memory locations to store the values in a Python program. It means that, whenever you are creating a variable in Python programming, you are reserving some space in the memory for that variable.

Create a Variable in Python

To create a variable and assign some values to it, follow the given syntax or general form in Python.

variable_name = "value to be assign";

You can also say that the above statement is called as assignment statement.

The above general form of creating a variable in Python, creates a variable called variable_name and assigns a value to it, the value is value to be assign.

The example given below will initialize a value Python programmer to the variable named variable_name and then print the value of the variable alone for first time and then along with Hi, for second time. Let's see how it will do this.

# Python Variable Example
variable_name = "Python programmer";
print("Hi, "+variable_name);

Here is the sample run of the above variable example code in Python.

variables in python

Python Variables Example

Here is an example assigning values to variables in Python:

# Python Variables - Example Program



Here is the sample output of the above Python program:

python variables

Let's take another example on variable in Python. In this example, program will ask to the user to enter some detail to fetch the input and output accordingly as shown below.

# Python Variable Example

variable_input = input("Who are you ? ");
print("Hello, "+variable_input);
input_variable = input("What is your name ? ");
print("You are "+input_variable);
var = input("Why are you here ? ");
print("You are here to "+var);

Here is the sample run of the above variable example of Python.

This is the initial run or output:

variables in python code

This is the second output after entering the detail and pressing the ENTER key:

python variable

This is the third output again after entering the detail and pressing the enter button:

variable in python

This is the fourth output:

variables example python

More Examples

Here are the list of some more examples, uses variables in python:

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