Python Applications

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There are a lot of applications that are written in Python language.

With python, you can develop too many variety of applications.

Types of Python Applications

There are varieties of applications that can be developed using Python. Let's briefly discuss about those Python applications.

Science and Education Applications

With Python, you can develop applications that will helpfull for scientific and educational purposes.

Here are some popular Python science and education applications:

Above are the three popular educational applications written in Python.

Console Based Applications

Console based applications can also be developed using Python.

Here are the list of some popular console based applications in Python.

Above are two popular applications that are console based and made or developed in Python.

Image Applications

You can also develop applications used for images using Python.

Following are the list of common and popular image based applications made in Python.

Above are three most-popular applications developed in Python. These applications used for images.

Enterprise Applications

Using Python, you can also develop an application that can be used within an organization.

Below are list of some common entriprise application in Python:

Official Applications

Even official applications can also be developed using Python.

List of common applications used in offices and developed by Python.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications can also be developed using Python. Below are list of some common applications used for mobile.

Internet or Web based Applications

Internet based or web based applications can be developed by using Python language.

Python programmer can use Python to develop web based or internet applications. Here are list of some popular internet applications.

System Administration Applications

Making system administration applications using Python is the advantage to learn Python language as system administration application are administrative application made for head or main office to tackle all the usage and other activity.

Here are the list of most popular system administration application developed in Python:

3D CAD/CAM Applications

You can also develop 3D CAD/CAM software or applications using Python.

Here are the full form of 3D CAD/CAM

CAD/CAM applications are used for engineering purposes, that is, engineers uses these type of applications to design the required or new products to implement it out.

Below are the list of some applications developed in Python and used for CAD/CAM purposes:

Audio/Video based Applications

Applications based on audio and video or used for audio and video purposes can also be developed using Python language.

List of some audio or video based applications in Python are given below:

You can also use Python language to develop some other type of applications too.

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