Python Environment Setup

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Before start programming with python, you must have to setup your environment to successfully compile and run your python program.

Python Environment Setup Windows

Here are the steps to setup python environment on your windows platform. Let's consider you are downloading python 3.4.2

python environment setup

Now, to write your python code, just go to the top-left of the window and then click FILE -> NEW FILE. Now, again a new blank window (code editor window) will come out which looks like:

python environment setup windows

You can use this window to write your python code. Now write the below code in this window, or just do copy and past operation of the code provided here:

# Python Environment Setup - Example
print("Hello Python, I am Environment Setup")

Write the above Python code in the code editor window like this:

python environment

Now press F5 key, a new window will come out like this:

setting up environment python

This window will ask you to save the file, just press ENTER key or OK button. Then a new window will come out like this:

python environment setting

This window will ask you to save the file with name and python extension (that is .py). As above, you can save your python program with name and press ENTER key or SAVE button. Then here is the output produced by the above python program:

python setup windows

Now, you can type your python code in the code editor window and press F5 button to run the module, then press ENTER key or OK button to watch the output of the written python code.

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