C++ Tutorial

This tutorial will teach you all about C++ programming from very basic for beginner to advance.

What is C++ ?

C++ is a case-sensitive, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language.

C++ is an extension of C programming language. C++ includes all the elements of the C language plus it has additional features for working with objects, classes, events and other object oriented concepts.

Most of the application program that comes in the category of:

  • word processing
  • spreadsheet program

are developed in C++ language.

You can also use to develop database systems and web applications.

A Brief History of C++

C++ programming language was developed at the AT&T Bell Laboratories by Bjarne Stroustrup in the year 1980. He found 'C' lacking for simulations ((computing) the technique of representing the real world by a computer program) and decided to extend the language by adding some features from his favourite language named Simula 67.

The Simula 67 language was one of the earliest object-oriented language. Originally, Bjarne Stroustrup called it as "C with Classes".

The name C++ was coined by Rick Mascitti. In C++, the "++" is an increment operator of C language. Ever since its birth, C++ evolved to cope with problems encountered by the users, and through discussions at AT&T.

Why C++ is so Popular ?

The major reason behind the success and popularity of C++ is, it supports the object oriented technology, the latest in the software development and the most near to the real world.

C++ is an Object-Oriented Programming Language

C++ supports object-oriented programming, including the following four pillars of object-oriented development:

Here is a simple program in C++

/* C++ Tutorial - C++ Programming Tutorial */

/* C++ comment */
void main()
   clrscr();   // to clear the screen
   cout<<"C++ Tutorial at codescracker.com";

When the above C++ program is compile and executed, it will produce the following output :

c++ tutorial

Let's look at one more C++ example program.

/* C++ Programming Tutorial - C++ Tutorial with Examples */
void main()
   char user[20];
   cout<<"Enter Your Name: ";
   cout<<"!\nAre you ready?";

Here is the sample run of this C++ program.

c++ programming tutorial

You will learn all about C++ programming, one by one, in this tutorial series.


This tutorial is designed and developed to help all those C++ programmers, who are interested to practice a lot of programs in C++ along with its description and tutorial.

We have included as many chapters as required to learn in C++ category with its tutorial and examples.

In this tutorial series, we have included as many program as required in each and every chapter.


Before start learning C++ programming given here, you must have some basic computer skills. As if you have it, then you can understand how to setup your environment to start programming in C++.

And if know how to program, then it becomes very easy to learn C++ here.

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