Artificial Intelligence (AI) Course Syllabus

This article is created and published to provide the complete subject-wise syllabus of Artificial Intelligence, or in short AI.

Foundations of Artificial Intelligence

This section covers the syllabus on the foundations of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Problem Solving Methods

Knowledge Representation

Software Agents

Artificial Intelligence Applications

R Programming Essentials

Python Programming Essentials


Descriptive Statistics

Statistical Analysis


Time Series Analysis

Data Management

This section covers the syllabus on data management used in AI.


Data Acquisition

Data Preprocessing and Preparation

Data Quality and Transformation

Handling Text Data

Big Data

Big Data Frameworks – Hadoop, Spark and NoSQL

Statistical Decision Making

This section covers the syllabus on statistical decision making used in AI.

Data Visualization

Sampling and Estimation

Inferential Statistics

Predictive Analytics

This section covers the syllabus on predictive analysis used in AI.

Linear Regression

Multiple Linear Regression

Nonlinear Regression

Forecasting models


Naive Bayes Classifiers

K-Nearest Neighbors

Support Vector Machines

Decision Trees

Ensemble Methods

Association Rule Mining

Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Deep Learning, Machine Learning

This section covers the syllabus of all three major topics of Artificial Intelligence including AI itself.

Foundations for Artificial Intelligence

Convolution Neural Networks

Recurrent Neural Networks

Data Science Deep Dive

Deep Learning

Machine Learning


This section covers the syllabus of tensorflow with multiple technology.

Tensorflow with Python

Building Neural Networks using Tensorflow

Deep Learning using Tensorflow

Transfer Learning using Keras and TFLearn

Case Studies

This is the last section, that covers some cases studies of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Churn Analysis and Prediction (Survival Modelling)

Credit card Fraud Analysis

Sentiment Analysis or Topic Mining from New York Times

Sales Funnel Analysis

Recommendation Systems and Collaborative filtering

Customer Segmentation and Value

Portfolio Risk Conformance

Uber Alternative Routing

Artificial Intelligence Online Test

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