Personal Computer Operating System

A personal computer's operating system provides a good interface for a single user.

Personal computer operating systems are widely used for word processing, spreadsheets, and Internet access.

Personal computer operating systems are made only for personal use.

You can say that your laptops, computer systems, tablets, etc. are your personal computers, and the operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 10, Android, etc. are your personal computer operating systems.

And you can use your personal computer operating system for your personal purposes, for example, chatting with your friends using some social media sites, reading some articles from the internet, making some projects through Microsoft PowerPoint or any other program, designing your website, programming something, watching some videos and movies, listening to some songs, and many more.

Examples of Personal Computer Operating Systems

Here is a list of some of the famous personal computer operating systems:

The first of the above-mentioned personal computer operating systems, "Android," is the most well-known and widely used operating system worldwide. This operating system is used in smartphones.

Let me tell you about Android's power. This operating system controls 71% of the OS market among all mobile users worldwide.

In terms of smartphone operating systems, iOS (by Apple) controls approximately 28% of the global market.

Others, such as Windows (by Microsoft) and Mac OS X (by Apple), are used on laptops or desktop computers.

When it comes to desktop computers, Windows 10 is the most popular operating system. "Windows 10," like Android, is used by nearly 71% of Windows desktop and laptop users. I only compared Windows PCs or laptops because I was discussing a specific version of "Windows," namely "Windows 10."

And, when it comes to all devices, "Android" is the most well-known, accounting for approximately 42% of the global market, followed by Windows (30%), iOS (18%), macOS (6%), and Linux (1%).

To be honest, the Linux operating system is the most secure, fast, and best for professionals, hackers, and administrators. People prefer the "Windows" operating system as their primary operating system because it is so simple to use. However, if you understand Linux, believe me when I say that you will never switch to another operating system, whether it is for a desktop or a laptop.

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