Multimedia Operating System

You can say multimedia are digital movies, videos, clips, musics, etc.

Multimedia literally means more than one medium or multiple medium.

Now-a-day, video clips, digital movies and music are common way to present the information and entertainment using your computer system.

You can store your desired audio and video files and able to play it later on demand.

Audio and video files can be stored on the disk.

The characteristics of the audio and video files are very different from the traditional text files that the current file system were designed for.

Therefore, a new type of file system must be needed just to handle the audio and video files.

Storing the audio and video files and playing back on demand puts new demands on the scheduler and other parts of the OS as well.

Therefore, there is a need of designing an OS, that are also able to play the multimedia files and those operating systems are also called as multimedia operating systems.

Now-a-day, almost all the operating system can be called as multimedia operating system.

You will learn all about multimedia operating system in detail, divided into following tutorials:

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