Operating System (OS) Tutorial

This tutorial will teach you all about operating system (OS) from very basic for beginner to advance.

OS stands for operating system.

Operating system is a system that is used to operate all the computer hardware using some hard code to create an interface between the computer system and computer user or computer programmer.

Without an operating system, your computer hardware is almost nothing to you. In other word, you can say that without an operating system, you can't operate or use your computer system. Because operating system creates a medium between the user and the computer.

Why to Learn Opearting System ?

It is important to learn about some basics of operating system to handle your operating system easily. If you have some knowledge of operating system, then you can easily identify about some random activity inside your computer system.

After learning about operating system, you becomes able to handle your own operating system installed into your computer system in a correct and safe way.

What to Learn before Operating System ?

You don't have to learn any extra things before learning about an operating system, but if you have some basics knownledge of computer system, then you feel confortable in learning about operating system, otherwise you can also go for operating system tutorial without having any prior knowledge.

You will learn all about operating system (OS) in this tutorial series one by one.


This tutorial is designed and developed to all those computer lover, who are interested to learn and get some idea about all the operating system terms and topics.

You can follow this tutorial of OS to get a lot of knowledge about all the topics involve or comes in operating system.


It is not required to have some prior skills of anything before start learning operating system given here. Therefore you can easily start learning operating system given here. But if you have some basic computer skills then it becomes very easy to learn OS here.

Operating System Online Test

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