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This tutorial will teach you all about HTML from very basic for beginner to advance.

What is HTML ?

HTML (in long, Hypertext Markup Language) is a markup language used to create Web pages. With HTML, you can make your own Website.

A Brief History of HTML

HTML is developed and maintained by World Wide Web (W3C) consortium.

What is hyper in HTML ?

In Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), the term hyper signifies the navigation from one location to another in a non-linear fashion. That is, clicking a hypertext on a Web page takes you to the relevant page on Internet or Web site, which is not necessarily the next page on the Web site.

What HTML defines ?

HTML defines the content, i.e., the structure and layout of a Web page with the help of tags and attributes. An element includes start and end tags, with some content inside/within them, and attributes provide additional information (such as alignment of element on a Web page) about the elements.

HTML Example

Here is a simple HTML example.

	<title>HTML Tutorial</title>

<h1>HTML Tutorial</h1>
<p>This is <i>tutorial</i> on <b>HTML</b>.</p>


Open your text editor, and copy then paste the above HTML code in your text editor. Save the file with extension .html like myfile.html, and open it in your browser, then here is the output produced in the browser of above HTML document/code:

html tutorial

Here is another example:

	<title>HTML Tutorial</title>

<h1>HTML Tutorial</h1>
<p>This is <i>tutorial</i> on <b>HTML</b>.</p>


If you try to open it into your browser, you will watch this output:

learn html

You will learn all about HTML in this tutorial series. This tutorial series is divided into the following parts:

HTML Basics Tutorial
Homepage of HTML Tutorial Basics of HTML
Structure of an HTML Document Data Types in HTML
Attributes of HTML Fonts in HTML
Headings in HTML Character Entities in HTML
Horizontal Line in HTML Line Break in HTML
Paragraph in HTML Citation and Definition in HTML
Quotations in HTML Comments in HTML
Style HTML Texts Formatting in HTML
Basic Tags of HTML All Tags of HTML
Root Tags of HTML Metadata Tags of HTML
Section Tags of HTML Heading Tags of HTML
Flow Tags of HTML Phrasing Tags of HTML
Embedded Tags of HTML Interactive Tags of HTML
Meta Tags of HTML
HTML Texts
Text Formatting in HTTML Physical Style Text of HTML
Logical Style Text of HTML Organizing Text in HTML
Arranging Text in HTML Displaying Lists in HTML
List in HTML
HTML Links and Tables
Links and URLs in HTML Links in HTML
URL Encoding in HTML Tables in HTML
HTML Images, Colors, Canvas, and Backgrounds
Images, Colors and Canvas in HTML Images in HTML
HTML All Color Codes Canvas in HTML
Backgrounds of HTML
HTML Forms
Form Handling in HTML Form Element of HTML
Form Input Element in HTML Button Tag in HTML
Multiple-Choice Tag in HTML Select Tag in HTML
Option Tag in HTML Optgroup Tag in HTML
Textarea Label in HTML Fieldset Legend in HTML
Datalist Tag in HTML Keygen Tag in HTML
Output Tag in HTML Progress Tag in HTML
Meter Tag in HTML Form Submit in HTML
Form enctype Attribute in HTML Form action Attribute in HTML
Form Method Attribute in HTML Form Get Method in HTML
Form Post Method in HTML
HTML Interactive
Interactive Web Tags in HTML Details and Summary Tags in HTML
Menu Tag in HTML Command Tag in HTML
KBD Tag in HTML Time Tag in HTML
HTML Multimedia
Multimedia in HTML Multimedia Tags in HTML
Audio and Video in HTML Embedded Multimedia in HTML
HTML Advance Tutorial
Blocks in HTML Classes in HTML
Iframes in HTML JavaScript in HTML
Layouts of an HTML Document Responsive Web Design in HTML

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