HTML Multimedia

The term media refers to various means of communicating and disseminating information, such as text, images, graphics, audio, video, and animation. All these mediums of communication are collectively termed as multimedia.

In other words, the term multimedia encompasses all means of communication, from a single magazine containing text and images to an advance application containing audio, video, and graphics.

A combination of video and audio files can also be used in websites to gain popularity in terms of viewership or provide information and entertainment to the users.

HTML helps you to add multimedia files on your website by providing various multimedia tags. These tags include AUDIO, VIDEO, EMBED, and OBJECT.

The AUDIO tag is used to display the audio file on the Web page, whereas the VIDEO tag is used to display the video files on the Web page.

The EMBED and OBJECT tags display the multimedia files on a Web page as well as embed the files from other websites.

You will learn all about multimedia in HTML divided into following tutorials:

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