HTML Flow Tags

The HTML flow tags are used in the body of the HTML documents. The body of the HTML document contains almost all the tags of the HTML that are used to display the different types of the content, such as plain text, links, and images in the HTML document.

HTML Flow Tags List

Following table list and describes all flow tags available in HTML:

Tags Description
A Represents a link in an HTML document
ABBR Represents an abbreviation
AREA (if it is a descendant of a MAP tag) Represents an area of an image map
ADDRESS Represents additional information of an HTML document
ARTICLE Represents a self-contained composition of an HTML document
ASIDE Represents a note, tip, or a sidebar related to an article
AUDIO Represents audio and sound streams
B Represents bold text
BDO Represents the text direction
BLOCKQUOTE Represents long quotations
BR Represents a line break
BUTTON Represents a push button
CANVAS Allows you to draw graphics using JavaScript
CITE Represents a citation
CODE Represents code text
COMMAND Defines a command
DATALIST Defines options for controls by using various tags, such as OPTION and INPUT
DEL Represents deleted text
DETAILS Provides additional information or controls for the users
DFN Represents the definition term
DIV Represents a section in an HTML document
DL Represents a definition list
EM Represents an emphasized text
EMBED Represents the plugin content in an HTML document
FIELDSET Represents a border of tags on a form
FIGURE Represents some flow content of an HTML document
FOOTER Defines a footer for a section in an HTML document
FORM Represents an HTML form for user input
H1 Represents first level of HTML headings
H2 Represents second level of HTML headings
H3 Represents third level of HTML headings
H4 Represents fourth level of HTML headings
H5 Represents fifth level of HTML headings
H6 Represents sixth level of HTML headings
HEADER Defines a header of a section in an HTML document
HGROUP Represents heading of a section by grouping the heading tags (H1, H2)
HR Represents horizontal rule
I Represents italic text
IFRAME Represents an inline frame
IMG Represents an image
INPUT Represents an input control
INS Represents inserted text
KBD Represents keyboard text
KEYGEN Represents a control to generate key pair
LABEL Represents label for an input tag
MAP Represents an image map
MARK Represents a text in an HTML document that is highlighted for reference
MATH Defines math expressions
MENU Represents a menu list
METER Defines a measurement, such as disk usage
NAV Represents a navigation section of an HTML document
NOSCRIPT Represents alternate text to be displayed on the Web browser that doest not support JavaScript
OBJECT Represents an embedded object
OL Represents an ordered list
OUTPUT Represents some output
P Represents a paragraph
PRE Represents a preformatted text
PROGRESS Defines the progress of tasks and operations
Q Represents short quotations
RUBY Allows you to mark up ruby annotations in an HTML document
SAMP Represents sample computer code
SCRIPT Represents a client-side script
SECTION Represents a section in an HTML document
SELECT Represents a select list (drop-down list)
SMALL Represents a small text
SPAN Represents a section in an HTML document
STRONG Represents a strong text
STYLE Represents style information of an HTML document
SUB Represents subscript text
SUP Represents superscript text
SVG Defines graphics in XHTML document
TABLE Represents a table
TEXTAREA Represents a multi-line text input control
TIME Defines day or/and time
UL Represents unordered list
VAR Represents a variable part of a text
VIDEO Represents videos or movies streams
WBR Defines a line break opportunity
TEXT Represents text in an HTML document

HTML Flow Tags Example

Here is an example uses a flow tag (<abbr> tag which is used to specify abbreviation for the text) in HTML:

<!DOCTYPE html>

<p>This tutorial is provided by <abbr title="codescracker">CC</abbr></p>


Here is the sample output produced by the above HTML flow tag example code:

html abbreviations flow tag example

If you place the cursor of the mouse over the CC then you will watch the title will be displayed as a tooltip of the CC. Here is the live demo output of the above example:

This tutorial is provided by CC

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