HTML Organizing Text

In a Web page, the content is organized into the different formats, such as layers, paragraphs, lines, tables, and divisions that we have already learned. Organizing text refers to the proper placement of all the HTML tags and their content in a Web page.

By default, a Web browser wraps text in a Web page and displays the enclosed text in a single block by avoiding the line and paragraph breaks Now, if the content of a page is not separated by any line or paragraph breaks, it becomes very tedious for the readers to understand the given information.

If text in the Web page is not arranged then the readers will find difficulty in reading the desired information.

To overcome this problem, you can arrange the text in different ways, such as paragraphs, lines, and tables. HTML provides a number of tags to arrange text into paragraphs and tables. For instance, you can display the text on the Web page as paragraphs by using the P tag, or display a horizontal line in a Web page representing a break in the text. HTML also allows you to change to format of a specific text using the SPAN tag.

You will learn about organizing the text in the following two separate tutorials.

HTML Online Test

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