The COMMAND tag is introduced in HTML5 and is used to define the command button, such as radio button, check box, or button.

You can use the COMMAND tag in conjunction with the MENU tag.

The COMMAND tag can also be used without the MENU tag, but only for specifying the keyboard shortcuts.

Attributes of COMMAND tag

The following table shows the attributes of the COMMAND tag :

Attribute Description
checked Defines the selection of the command in case of radio button and checkbox
disabled Disables the command
icon Specifies the location of the graphical image that represents the command
label Shows the name of the command to the user
radiogroup Specifies the name of the group if the command type radio is defined
type Defines the type of the command, such as command (default), checkbox, and radio

Example of COMMAND tag

Following is an example of using the COMMAND tag :

   <COMMAND type="command">Execute</COMMAND>

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