Pascal's Triangle

In this article, you will get a brief description of Pascal's triangle. Here, the simplest description of Pascal's triangle is given. I'm not going into detail about it. Because the purpose of this article is only to provide an idea to every programmer on this site so that they can easily create a program on it.

How Pascal's Triangle Expands

Here is the algorithm to create a Pascal's triangle. These steps can be used to create it in any of your favorite languages, such as CC++Java, Python, etc.

Structure of Pascal's Triangle

Pascal's triangle is like an equilateral triangle. In it, there are:

where every next row is created in a way that

Now let's see the pictorial representation of Pascal's triangle.

Pascal's Triangle Formula

Here is a simple formula to find the column value of every row of a Pascal's triangle.

value = (row!)/((column!)*(row-columns)!)

The ! indicates factorial. Both the row and column begin at 0. That is, to determine the value of the second column of the fourth row. As a result of entering the row and column values, we get:

value = (row!)/((column!)*(row-columns)!)
      = (4!)/((2!)*(4-2)!)
      = (24)/(2*(2!))
      = 24/(2*2)
      = 24/4
      = 6

So 6 is the number present in the fourth row and second column. The factorization of a number n is calculated as:

n! = n*(n-1)(n-2)*(n-3)*....*1

So the factorial of 4 is:

4! = 4*3*2*1
   = 24

Pictorial Representation of Pascal's Triangle

Here is the step-by-step pictorial representation of a Pascal's triangle that is composed of 5 rows. Here is the first one:

pascal triangle 1

This is the second one.

pascal triangle 2

Below is the third one:

pascal triangle 3

And here is the final one:

pascal triangle final

To learn more about it, you can Google it. But the required knowledge about Pascal's triangle is given. You can now proceed to the programming stage and create it in any programming language of your choice.

Programs Created on Pascal's Triangle

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