How to Add Two Matrices ?

In this article, you will get aware about how to add any two given matrix. Let's suppse there are two given matrix, matrix A and Matrix B. The value of Matrix A is:

1  2
3  4

And the value of Matrix B is:

5  6
7  8

Then its addition goes like:

matrix addition

So we have another matrix, matrix C. The value of matrix C is:

6   8
10  12

This is the addition of two given matrix A and B.

Condition for Matrix Addition

In order to define the addition of two matrices, dimension must be same. That is, if there are 3 rows and 4 columns available in a matrix say A, then to add it with another matrix say B. Matrix B must have 3 rows and 4 columns in order to define its addition with matrix A.

Further Explanation on Matrix Addition

As already said, for the matrix addition, there should be an equal number of rows and columns. In mathematics, adding two matrices involves adding the matching entries from each matrix. However, other operations, including the direct sum and the Kronecker sum, might also be regarded as addition for matrices.

Given A and B matrices as follows and find A+B.

That is, the matrix A =

And the matrix B =

Simply adding the matching elements from matrices A and B will provide the total, in this way:

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