Formula to Find Area and Perimeter of a Triangle

In this article, you will learn about how to find area and perimeter of a triangle using formulae give here. Unlike, square and rectangle, triangle is not of only one shape. Therefore, all the required formula is given here for different-different shape (types) of triangle.

Area of Triangle Formula

To find area of a triangle based on its base and height value, use following formula:

area = 1/2*b*h

Here b and h indicates to base and height of triangle. Above formula can also be written as:

area = 0.5*b*h

The figure given below, shows the position of base and heigth of a triangle:


Note - Here h (height) is a perpendicular line to base.

Area of Triangle - Heron's Formula

Heron's formula is used to find area of triangle using its all three side length. Here is the formula:

area = square root of (s*(s-a)*(s-b)*(s-c))

Here a, b and c indicates to all the three side length of triangle. And the value of s can be calculated as:

s = (a+b+c)/2

Perimeter of Triangle Formula

If length of all three sides is not equal, then it is a Scalene triangle. The Scalene triangle looks like:

area of triangle formula

Therefore here is the formula to find perimeter of a Scalene triangle:

perimeter = a+b+c

Here a, b, c are the length of three sides of triangle.

And if length of two sides are equal, then it is an Isosceles triangle. An Isosceles triangle looks like:

isosceles triangle

Therefore here is the formula to find perimeter of an Isosceles triangle:

perimeter = (2*a)+b

Here a indicates to the length of side (of equal ones) and b indicates the length of side (of unequal one).

And if all the three sides are of equal length, then it is an equilateral triangle. An equilateral triangle looks like:

equilateral triangle

Thereofre, here is the formula to find perimeter of an equilateral triangle:

perimeter = 3*a

Here a indicates to the length of any side of triangle

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