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You are aware that the radio wave can be categorized based on both its frequency and its wavelength. When the frequency is greater than three gigahertz (GHz), we refer to it as a microwave. Satellite communication is a subset of the more general phenomenon known as microwave relay.

The synchronous satellite is utilized in satellite communications as a means of transmitting and receiving radio signals from the ground station.

The use of wireless communication is becoming increasingly common in today's society. Because wireless communication does not require the use of any device or wire, the cost of purchasing and maintaining those devices and wires is eliminated. This results in significant cost savings. Because it does not require us to handle and carry those devices and wires, it also provides a convenient way to do the communication. This makes it an extremely useful method.

In comparison to conventional fixed-wire terrestrial networks, satellite and microwave communication networks offer time savings, rapid implementation, and extensive coverage as some of their distinguishing characteristics.

Voice, fax, data, and video services, in addition to internet-based applications such as email and file transfer, can all be obtained through the use of satellite or satellite microwave communication.

In the event that a catastrophe causes the fixed wire terrestrial communication networks to be rendered inoperable, the emergency backup facility will consist of satellite and microwave systems.

In the context of satellite communication, an earth station is made up of a satellite dish that doubles as an antenna and various pieces of communication equipment that allow for the sending and receiving of data from satellites that orbit above.

Note: There are a number of communication satellites that have been placed in stationary orbits that are approximately 22300 miles above the surface of the earth. These satellites are owned by a variety of entities, including governments as well as private organizations.

How Does Satellite Technology Work?

The satellites accept the data or signals that are transmitted from the earth station, amplify them, and then retransmit them to another earth station.

Advantages of Satellite Communication

The following is a list of some of the most significant benefits of communicating via satellite:

Disadvantages of Satellite Communication

The following is a list of some of the most significant drawbacks associated with the use of satellite communication:

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