Blockchain Course Syllabus

This article is created to cover the complete syllabus on one of the most trending topic/course, that is of course the Blockchain.

Note - If you are looking the syllabus on Blockchain regarding your college/university. Then do follow the college/university portal to get the exact syllabus of Blockchain, as the syllabus given here are not written, keeping in mind of any particular college or university. Rather the syllabus is designed for those who are willing about the course, Blockchain, regardless the syllabus limited only to the particular college/university.

Since our users are from around the globe, therefore we have designed the syllabus based on multiple colleges/universities. The syllabus on Blockchain given here matches most of colleges/universities around the globe.

Introduction to Blockchain

Blockchain Consensus

Hyperledger Fabric

Ethereum and Decentralized Applications

Decentralized Finance and Economics

Privacy on a Public Blockchain

Scalability in Blockchain

Blockchain and its Future

Important Real-Life Use Cases of Blockchain

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