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This tutorial will teach you all about C programming from very basic for beginner to advance.

What is C ?

C is a programming language which was invented, first implemented by Dennis Ritchie on DEC PDP-11, used UNIX operating system.

C is a Middle-Level Language

C language is often called as a middle-level computer language. This doesn't mean that C is something weaker than other language. For your knowledge, C is much faster than other languages. You can use C to make your program running more faster.

C is a Structured Language

C is also referred as a structured language.

C is a Programmer's Language

C programming language was created, influenced, and field-tested by working programmers. C gives the programmer what the programmer wants: few restrictions, few complaints, stand-alone functions, block structure, and a compact set of keywords. By using C programming language, you can nearly achieve the efficiency of assembly code that combined with the structure of Pascal or Modula-2.

It is no wonder that C has now become the universal language of programmers around the world.

A Simple C Program

Here is a simple C program:

/* C Programming Tutorial */
void main()
	printf("C Tutorial at");

The sample run of the above C program is shown here in this image:

c tutorial

Let's look at one more C program

/* C Programming Tutorial */
void main()
	char name[20];
	printf("Enter Your Name :");
	scanf("%s", name);
	printf("Hello, %s", name);
	printf("\nYou are learning C programming at");


The sample run of this C program is shown here:

c programming tutorial

You will learn all about C programming in this tutorial series. This tutorial series is divided into following parts:

C Basics Programming
Homepage of C Tutorial Structure of C Program
Syntax of C Program Data Types in C
Variables in C Constants in C
Operators in C Ternary Operator in C
Storage Classes in C
Flow of Control in C Programming
Decision Making in C if if-else Statement in C
switch Statement in C Loops in C
for Loop in C while Loop in C
do-while Loop in C goto Statement in C
break Statement in C continue Statement in C
Popular Topics of C Programming
Arrays in C Strings in C
Pointers in C Functions in C
Scope Rules in C
C Advance Programming
Structures in C Unions in C
Enumerations in C Bit Fields in C
Typedef in C Input & Output in C
File I/O in C Preprocessors in C
Header Files in C Type Casting in C
Error Handling in C Recursion in C
Linked Lists in C Stacks in C
Queues in C Binary Trees in C
Variable Arguments in C Memory Management in C
Command Line Arguments in C
C Programming Examples
Homepage of C Programming Examples Print Hello World in C
Take Input from User in C Print Integer in C
Add two Numbers in C Check Even or Odd in C
Check Prime or Not in C Check Alphabet or Not in C
Check Vowel or Not in C Check Leap Year or Not in C
Check Reverse equal Original in C Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide in C
Make Calculator in C Add Digits of Number in C
Calculate Average Percentage Marks in C Calculate Arithmetic Mean in C
Calculate Student's Grade in C Print Table of Number in C
Print Prime Numbers in C Add n Numbers in C
Interchange Numbers in C Reverse Numbers in C
Swap two Numbers in C Count Positive, Negative and Zero in C
Find Largest of two Numbers in C Find Largest of three Numbers in C
Find Factorial of Number in C Find HCF and LCM in C
Calculate Area and Perimeter in C Calculate Area and Circumference in C
Convert Fahrenheit to Centigrade in C Convert Centigrade to Fahrenheit in C
Print ASCII Values in C Print Fibonacci Series in C
Check Palindrome or Not in C Check Armstrong or Not in C
Generate Armstrong Numbers in C Find ncR and nPr in C
Convert Decimal to Binary in C Convert Decimal to Octal in C
Convert Decimal to Hexadecimal in C Convert Binary to Decimal in C
Convert Binary to Octal in C Convert Binary to Hexadecimal in C
Convert Octal to Decimal in C Convert Octal to Binary in C
Convert Octal to Hexadecimal in C Convert Hexadecimal to Decimal in C
Convert Hexadecimal to Binary in C Convert Hexadecimal to Octal in C
Star Pyramid Pattern Programs in C Print Diamond Pattern in C
Print Floyd Triangle in C Print Pascal Triangle in C
Print Smiling Face in C One Dimensional Array Program in C
Linear Search in C Binary Search in C
Add Two Numbers using Pointer in C Find Largest Element in Array in C
Find Smallest Element in Array in C Reverse Array in C
Insert Element in Array in C Delete Element from Array in C
Merge two Array in C Bubble Sort in C
Selection Sort in C Insertion Sort in C
Two Dimensional Array Program in C Add two Matrices in C
Subtract Matrices in C Transpose Matrix in C
Multiply Matrices in C Three Dimensional Array Program in C
Print String in C Find Length of String in C
Compare two String in C Copy String in C
Concatenate String in C Reverse String in C
Delete Vowels from String in C Delete Words from Sentence in C
Find Frequency of Character in C Count Word in Sentence in C
Remove Spaces from String in C Sort a String in C
Convert Uppercase to Lowercase in C Convert Lowercase to Uppercase in C
Swap two Strings in C Check Anagram or Not in C
Generate Random Numbers in C Read File in C
Write to File in C Read and Display File in C
Copy File in C Merge two File in C
List Files in Directory in C Delete File in C
Encrypt and Decrypt Files in C Print Date in C
Get IP Address in C Shutdown Computer in C
C Programming Functions (String and Character)
Homepage of String Char Functions isalnum() in C
isalpha() in C isblank() in C
iscntrl() in C isdigit() in C
isgraph() in C islower() in C
isprint() in C ispunct() in C
isspace() in C isupper() in C
isxdigit() in C memchr() in C
memcmp() in C memcpy() in C
memmove() in C memset() in C
strcat() in C strchr() in C
strcmp() in C strcoll() in C
strcpy() in C strcspn() in C
strerror() in C strlen() in C
strncat() in C strncmp() in C
strncpy() in C strpbrk() in C
strrchr() in C strspn() in C
strstr() in C strtok() in C
strxfrm() in C tolower() in C
toupper() in C
C Programming Functions (Time and Date)
Homepage of Time Date Functions asctime() in C
clock() in C ctime() in C
difftime() in C gmtime() in C
localeconv() in C localtime() in C
mktime() in C setlocale() in C
strftime() in C time() in C
C Programming Functions (Input and Output)
Homepage of Input Output Functions clearerr() in C
fclose() in C feof() in C
ferror() in C fflush() in C
fgetc() in C fgetpos() in C
fgets() in C fopen() in C
fprintf() in C fputc() in C
fputs() in C fread() in C
freopen() in C fscanf() in C
fseek() in C fsetpos() in C
ftell() in C fwrite() in C
getc() in C getchar() in C
gets() in C perror() in C
printf() in C putc() in C
putchar() in C puts() in C
remove() in C rename() in C
rewind() in C scanf() in C
setbuf() in C setvbuf() in C
snprintf() in C sprintf() in C
sscanf() in C tmpfile() in C
tmpnam() in C ungetc() in C
vprintf() in C vfprintf() in C
vsprintf() in C vsnprintf() in C
vscanf() in C vfscanf() in C
vsscanf() in C
C Programming Functions (Dynamic Memory Allocation)
Homepage of Dynamic Allocation Functions calloc() in C
free() in C malloc() in C
realloc() in C

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