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This tutorial will teach you all about C programming from very basic for beginner to advance.

C programming is a faster language than other programming languages such as C++, Java, etc. except machine and assembly language.

C is the third fastest language exists in computer programming world after machine and assemgly language.

Machine language is the fastest language as it takes all the input from the programmer in the form of 0 and 1.

After learning C programming, you will feel comfortable in programming world and can learn any programming language later in short time.

What is C ?

C is a programming language which was invented, first implemented by Dennis Ritchie on DEC PDP-11, used UNIX operating system.

C is fast-processing programming language. Therefore almost all the Apple's applications, that is, iOS and OS X operating system's applications are mainly developed on C and Objective-C language just to make all those applications to process as fast as possible.

C is a Middle-Level Language

C language is often called as a middle-level computer language. This doesn't mean that C is something weaker than other language. For your knowledge, C is much faster than other languages. You can use C to make your program running more faster.

C is a Structured Language

C is also referred as a structured language.

C is a Programmer's Language

C programming language was created, influenced, and field-tested by working programmers. C gives the programmer what the programmer wants: few restrictions, few complaints, stand-alone functions, block structure, and a compact set of keywords.

By using C programming language, you can nearly achieve the efficiency of assembly code that combined with the structure of Pascal or Modula-2.

It is no wonder that C has now become the universal language of programmers around the world.

A Simple C Program

Here is a simple C programming example:

/* C Programming Tutorial */
void main()
	printf("C Tutorial at");

The sample run of the above C program is shown here in this image:

c tutorial

Let's look at one more C program.

/* C Programming Tutorial */
void main()
	char name[20];
	printf("Enter Your Name :");
	scanf("%s", name);
	printf("Hello, %s", name);
	printf("\nYou are learning C programming at");


The sample run of this C program is shown here:

c programming tutorial

What to Learn before C ?

You don't have to learn anything before learning C programming. But having prior knowledge about fundamental of computer, that is, about text editor, IDE, some basic knowledge of operating system etc. puts you in a more comfortable place to learn C programming.

C Programming Tutorial Topics

Here are the list of all the topics that is included in this C programming tutorial series. You can also find all the C programs in C programming examples series.

You will learn all about C programming in this tutorial series. This tutorial series is divided into following parts:

C Basics Programming
Homepage of C Tutorial Structure of C Program
Syntax of C Program Data Types in C
Variables in C Constants in C
Storage Classes in C Operators in C
Decision Making in C if if-else Statement in C
switch Statement in C Ternary Operator in C
Loops in C Scope Rules in C
Arrays in C Strings in C
Pointers in C Functions in C
C Advance Programming
Structures in C Unions in C
Enumerations in C Bit Fields in C
Typedef in C Input & Output in C
File Handling in C Preprocessors in C
Header Files in C Type Casting in C
Error Handling in C Recursion in C
Linked Lists in C Stacks in C
Queues in C Binary Trees in C
Variable Arguments in C Memory Management in C
Command Line Arguments in C
C Programming Examples
C Programming Examples Print Hello World in C
Take Input from User in C Print Integer in C
Add two Numbers in C Check Even or Odd in C
Check Prime or Not in C Check Alphabet or Not in C
Check Vowel or Not in C Check Leap Year or Not in C
Check Reverse equal Original in C Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide in C
Make Calculator in C Add Digits of Number in C
Calculate Average Percentage Marks in C Calculate Arithmetic Mean in C
Calculate Student's Grade in C Print Table of Number in C
Print Prime Numbers in C Add n Numbers in C
Interchange Numbers in C Reverse Numbers in C
Swap two Numbers in C Count Positive, Negative and Zero in C
Find Largest of two Numbers in C Find Largest of three Numbers in C
Find Factorial of Number in C Find HCF and LCM in C
Calculate Area and Perimeter in C Calculate Area and Circumference in C
Convert Fahrenheit to Centigrade in C Convert Centigrade to Fahrenheit in C
Print ASCII Values in C Print Fibonacci Series in C
Check Palindrome or Not in C Check Armstrong or Not in C
Generate Armstrong Numbers in C Find ncR and nPr in C
Convert Decimal to Binary in C Convert Decimal to Octal in C
Convert Decimal to Hexadecimal in C Convert Binary to Decimal in C
Convert Binary to Octal in C Convert Binary to Hexadecimal in C
Convert Octal to Decimal in C Convert Octal to Binary in C
Convert Octal to Hexadecimal in C Convert Hexadecimal to Decimal in C
Convert Hexadecimal to Binary in C Convert Hexadecimal to Octal in C
Star Pyramid Pattern Programs in C Print Diamond Pattern in C
Print Floyd Triangle in C Print Pascal Triangle in C
Print Smiling Face in C One Dimensional Array Program in C
Linear Search in C Binary Search in C
Add Two Numbers using Pointer in C Find Largest Element in Array in C
Find Smallest Element in Array in C Reverse Array in C
Insert Element in Array in C Delete Element from Array in C
Merge two Array in C Bubble Sort in C
Selection Sort in C Insertion Sort in C
Two Dimensional Array Program in C Add two Matrices in C
Subtract Matrices in C Transpose Matrix in C
Multiply Matrices in C Three Dimensional Array Program in C
Print String in C Find Length of String in C
Compare two String in C Copy String in C
Concatenate String in C Reverse String in C
Delete Vowels from String in C Delete Words from Sentence in C
Find Frequency of Character in C Count Word in Sentence in C
Remove Spaces from String in C Sort a String in C
Convert Uppercase to Lowercase in C Convert Lowercase to Uppercase in C
Swap two Strings in C Check Anagram or Not in C
Generate Random Numbers in C Read File in C
Write to File in C Read and Display File in C
Copy File in C Merge two File in C
List Files in Directory in C Delete File in C
Encrypt and Decrypt Files in C Print Date in C
Get IP Address in C Shutdown Computer in C
C Programming Standard Library (String and Character)
String Character Functions isalnum() in C
isalpha() in C isblank() in C
iscntrl() in C isdigit() in C
isgraph() in C islower() in C
isprint() in C ispunct() in C
isspace() in C isupper() in C
isxdigit() in C memchr() in C
memcmp() in C memcpy() in C
memmove() in C memset() in C
strcat() in C strchr() in C
strcmp() in C strcoll() in C
strcpy() in C strcspn() in C
strerror() in C strlen() in C
strncat() in C strncmp() in C
strncpy() in C strpbrk() in C
strrchr() in C strspn() in C
strstr() in C strtok() in C
strxfrm() in C tolower() in C
toupper() in C
C Programming Functions (Time and Date)
Time Date Functions asctime() in C
clock() in C ctime() in C
difftime() in C gmtime() in C
localeconv() in C localtime() in C
mktime() in C setlocale() in C
strftime() in C time() in C
C Programming Functions (Input and Output)
Input Output Functions clearerr() in C
fclose() in C feof() in C
ferror() in C fflush() in C
fgetc() in C fgetpos() in C
fgets() in C fopen() in C
fprintf() in C fputc() in C
fputs() in C fread() in C
freopen() in C fscanf() in C
fseek() in C fsetpos() in C
ftell() in C fwrite() in C
getc() in C getchar() in C
gets() in C perror() in C
printf() in C putc() in C
putchar() in C puts() in C
remove() in C rename() in C
rewind() in C scanf() in C
setbuf() in C setvbuf() in C
snprintf() in C sprintf() in C
sscanf() in C tmpfile() in C
tmpnam() in C ungetc() in C
vprintf() in C vfprintf() in C
vsprintf() in C vsnprintf() in C
vscanf() in C vfscanf() in C
vsscanf() in C
C Programming Functions (Dynamic Memory Allocation)
Dynamic Memory Allocation Functions calloc() in C
free() in C malloc() in C
realloc() in C

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