How to Scan Computer using cmd

Computer virus is a computer program which can perform a lot of harmful effects to your computer. So learn here to scan your computer or laptop for viruses without any antivirus software just by performing some command into your command prompt.

Steps to Scan Computer/Laptop using cmd

To scan your computer using cmd, Go to:

  1. Start Menu or press windows button
  2. click to All Programs
  3. then click to Accessories
  4. Now, Right click on Command Prompt
  5. then click on Run as administrator

After performing above operation, you will watch a new cmd box will come out to ask for confirmation. Press Yes. Now your command prompt window will be opened as shown in figure below.

scan computer using cmd

Now type sfc /scannow in the cmd box as show in figure below

scan computer using command prompt

Now press ENTER after typing it. Your computer Verification will starts as shown in figure below

scan computer without antivirus

Wait until your verification will complete. After completing your verification. Your computer scan completed. and the output in the command prompt will come out like (given in the following figure) if your computer will not contain any virus.

scan computer

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