CSS Lists

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A list is a series of items belonging to a specific category, such as colors, vehicles, and countries.

Depending on the order in which the items of a list are arranged in a sequential or logical order; that is why, this list is also called a sequential list. On the other hand, there is no specific sequence or order to place items in an unordered list.

In HTML, ordered lists are marked with numbers or letters; whereas, unordered lists are marked with different types of images or bullets.

All these symbols, numbers, and letters with which the items of a list are marked are known as list item markers.

HTML also provides Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) that allows you to set various list-style properties to define the style of the list item markers for both ordered and unordered lists.

These list style properties are :

Set List Style Type

The list-style-type property allows you to use the symbols as list item markers for the items of an HTML list. Learn in detail about CSS List Style Type at CSS List Style Type.

Set List Style Image

The list-style-image property allows you to use images as list item markers. Learn in detail about CSS List Style Image at CSS List Style Image.

Set List Style Position

The list-style-position property allows you to determine how a list marker is rendered in relation to the content of the list item. Learn in detail about CSS List Style Position at CSS List Style Position.

Now from next chapters, we will learn about these properties in detail.

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