RDBMS (in long, Relational Database Management System), is basis for Structured Query Language, and for all the modern database systems like MySQL, Oracle, MS Access, etc.

SQL Tables

The data in Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) is stored in database objects which is called as tables.

A table is basically a collection of some related data entries in the form of rows and columns.

Here is an example of a table. The name of the table is CUSTOMERS

SQL rdbms concepts

SQL Fields

A field in SQL is a column of the table. Here are the field listed of the table CUSTOMERS:

  • ID
  • NAME
  • AGE

SQL Record

A record in SQL is a row of the table. For instance, there are 7 records present in the table CUSTOMERS. Here is a single row of data or record present in the table CUSTOMERS:

SQL rdbms

SQL Column

A column in SQL is simply a vertical entity in a table, contains all the information associated with a specific field present inside the table. For instance, a column in the table named CUSTOMERS is ADDRESS, which represents the location and consist of the following:

SQL table

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