SQL RDBMS Databases

Here are the list of most popular RDBMS:

  • MySQL
  • MS SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MS Access


MySQL is an open source SQL database, supports many platforms such as MS Windows, Unix, Mac OS X. Here are the list of some features of MySQL database:

  • MySQL provides High Performance
  • MySQL provides Strong Data Protection
  • MySQL provides Comprehensive Application Development
  • MySQL provides Easy Management
  • MySQL has Robust Transactional Support


ORACLE is too large and multi-user DBMS (database management system), is a RDBMS, works to manage its resource, a database of information, among the multiple clients requesting and sending the data in network. Here are the list of some features of ORACLE database:

  • Oracle provides Concurrency
  • Oracle provides Locking Mechanisms
  • Oracle provides Scheduler
  • Oracle provides Data Warehousing
  • Oracle provides Resource Manager
  • Oracle provides Materialized views
  • Oracle provides Bitmap indexes
  • Oracle allows Table compression
  • Oracle allows Data mining
  • Oracle allows Partitioning
  • Oracle provides Quiesce Database
  • Oracle provides Portability
  • Oracle allows ASM
  • Oracle allows Parallel Execution
  • Oracle provides Self-managing database

MS SQL Server

MS SQL Server is a RDBMS developed by Microsoft Inc. Here are the list of some of the features of MS SQL Server:

  • MS SQL provides High Performance
  • MS SQL provides Database mirroring
  • MS SQL allows XML integration
  • MS SQL provides Row version-based isolation levels
  • MS SQL provides TRY...CATCH
  • MS SQL provides DDL triggers
  • MS SQL provides Database snapshots
  • MS SQL provides CLR integration
  • MS SQL provides Service Broker
  • MS SQL provides Ranking functions
  • MS SQL provides Database Mail


MS Access (Microsoft Access) is an entry-level DBMS. This is a powerful database for small scale projects. Here are the list of some of the features of MS ACCESS database:

  • MS Access allows you to create tables, forms, queries, and reports and connect them together with macros
  • MS Access provides import and export of the data to many formats
  • MS Access provides Jet Database format, contain the application and data in one file
  • MS Access is a file server based database

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