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XML is a markup language that looks a lot like HTML. An XML document is plain text and contains tags delimited by < and >

HTML list that is not valid XML

	<li>list item one
	<li>list item two
	<li>list item three

HTML list that is valid XML

	<li>list item one</li>
	<li>list item two</li>
	<li>list item three</li>

Parsing an XML Document using PHP5


	$channel =<<<_XML_
		<title>What's For Today's Dinner<title>
		<description>Choose what to eat :</description>
	$xml = simplexml_load_string($channel);
	print "The $xml->title channel is available at $xml->link. ";
	print "The description is \"$xml->description\"";

It will produce the following result:

The What's For Today's Dinner channel is available at The description is "Choose what to eat :"

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