PHP Bugs Debugging

Here you will get some tips about debugging some bugs in your PHP code.

In every programming language, bugs can be occurred in first run of the program, therefore after that first run, you have to debug every bug and then fix all the bugs to run the program correctly to see the output. The same actions used in PHP.

No one can almost write every PHP code without any bug at first run, therefore you can follow some tips to reduce bug and also reduce time to debugging the same PHP code again and again.

Tips to Reduce Bugs in PHP

Here are some tips that can be used to reduce bug in your PHP program to save your time used in debugging purpose.

Bug Name Bug Awareness
Mis-spelled PHP Variable Name Be careful while typing the variable name as writing mistake of variable name can cause huge amount of bugs in your PHP code
Missing Semicolons Also be careful while ending the statement as at the end of statement in PHP, you have to put one semicolon
Putting Semicolons at Wrong Place Be aware, when using loops such as for, while, do-while, or conditional statements such as if, elseif, and else etc, as most of the PHP coder, puts semicolon at the end of these statements/loops, by mistake.
Missing Dollar ($) Sign Before Variable Name This is the error occurred mostly in any PHP code, as PHP coder sometime lost to put the dollar sign at the last of variable name in PHP
Using Wrong Quotation Be aware when using quote, as this creates a lot of bugs in your PHP program. As sometime PHP coder puts single quote at the starting of the string and double quote at end of the string and vice-versa.
Missing Parentheses/Curly Brackets Bugs can also be caused in your PHP program due to missing parentheses or curly brackets, so be careful about it.
Wrong Combination of Opening and Closing Brackets Sometime, PHP coders put the wrong combination of brackets, such as used ( to open and } to close by mistake

Above are the list of most common tips that can be used to go away from bug and make your PHP program more efficient and save your time that can lost in debugging your PHP program.

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