OS Process Implementation

To implement the process model, the operating system maintains a table with one entry per process. This table is called as process table.

The entry contains the information about the process state , its program counter, stack pointer, memory allocation, the status of its open files, its accounting and the scheduling information, and everything else about the process that must be saved when the process is switched from running state to ready state or blocked state, so that it can be restarted later as if it had never been stopped.

The table given below shows some of the important fields in a typical system.

Process Management Memory Management File Management
Registers Pointer to text segment Root directory
Program counter Pointer to data segment Working directory
Program status word Pointer to stack segment File descriptors
Stack pointer User Identity
Process state Group Identity
Scheduling parameters
Process Identity
Parent process
Process group
Time when process started
Central Processing Unit time used
Central Processing Unit time of Children
Time of next alarm

The fields in the column one relate to process management, the fields in the column two related to the memory management, and the fields in the column three related to the file management.

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