OS Pop-up Threads

In distributed systems, threads are useful.

The traditional approach is to have a process or thread that is blocked on a receive system call waiting for an incoming message. It accepts the message and then processes it whenever there is an arrival of message.

But a totally different approach is also possible using pop-up thread system.

In pop-up thread system, the arrival of message causes the system to create a new thread just to handle the message. Such a thread is called a pop-up thread.

The figure given below illustrated the pop-up thread.

pop up threads

The main advantage of using the pop-up threads is that they are brand new, therefore they don't have history-registers, stack etc. that must be restored.

Each one starts out fresh and is identical to all the others. Therefore, this makes it possible to create such a thread very quickly.

The new thread is given the incoming message to process.

The output of using the pop-up threads is that the latency between message arrival and the start of processing can be made very short.

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