OS Login Spoofing

Login spoofing is a common way to steal or hack anyone's login id and login password.

To understand about login spoofing clearly, let's consider an example given below.

There are two friends named Abhay and Praveen. Abhay is an intelligent computer programmer whereas Praveen is a normal computer user who has some knowledge of computer system and Internet.

Now, Abhay wants to steal Praveen's login id and login password of his facebook account.

To hack facebook account of Praveen, Abhay writes some code to make a web page (facebook login page) that totally looks like the facebook login page.

Now, Abhay wants to display the fake facebook login page to Praveen's desktop or mobile or laptop, so that, when Praveen enters his facebook login id and password on that fake facebook login page, then his login id and password store on Abhay's personal database, and give Praveen an error message after login and ask to close or again to redirect him to the original facebook login page. On redirecting Praveen to the original facebook login page, clears his doubt about anything.

Now, after redirecting Praveen to original facebook login page, Praveen enters his login id and login password again and now this time his account will be opened on his computer or mobile screen, so that he can't doubt anything and there, Abhay has his facebook login id and password.

This method is called as login spoofing.

Abhay can send the fake facebook login page to Praveen's computer or mobile screen through fake email or direct open the link of fake facebook login page on the Praveen's computer screen when he goes out of his computer room.

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