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GUI stands for graphical user interface.

In today's computer world, almost all the personal computers uses graphical user interface (GUI).

Some years ago, users was using their personal computers with MS-DOS which is a character-based interface. Here MS-DOS stands for Microsoft Disk Operating System.

A graphical user interface has the following four essential elements:

  • Windows
  • Icons
  • Menus
  • Pointing device

In short, these four essential elements of GUI also called as WIMP which is the short form of windows, icons, menus, pointing device.

Here, the table given below describes about all these four elements of GUI.

GUI Element Description
Windows Rectangular blocks of monitor screen area that is used to run the program.
Icons Small clickable symbols. Click on it to cause some action to happen.
Menus List of actions to choose any one from that list.
Pointing Device Generally it is a mouse or sometime a trackball or any other hardware device used to move the cursor around the screen to select some items to perform the required task.

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