Antivirus in OS

Antivirus is a program used to detect and remove viruses from your computer system.

Antivirus is just opposite to virus such as friend and enemy. Here Antivirus is your friend and virus is your enemy.

Antivirus is your friend because it can't harm your computer system whereas virus is your enemy because it can do anything that you don't want such as stealing your important files and informations, deleting your files and informations, or changing your system's configuration etc.

Antivirus program is used to find out and delete all the viruses present inside the computer system.

Once an antivirus program is installed on the computer system, the very first thing it does is scan each and every executable files present on the disk of that computer system, looking for any of the viruses in the database of known viruses present in that antivirus program.

If a virus found, then you can delete that virus through the antivirus program.

How to Avoid from Viruses ?

To protect your computer system from bad effect, you must have to avoid from some unwanted actions that can harm your computer system.

Here are the list of top four avoidance tips to avoid from a virus infection:

  • Choose an operating system (OS) that differs high degree of security with a strong kernel-user mode boundary and separate login passwords for each and every user and the administrator of the system.
  • Only install shrink-wrapped computer software bought from a reliable and valid computer software manufacturer.
  • Buy an antivirus software and install it on your computer system.
  • Don't click on any unwanted and unknown email attachments.

If you follow the above four instructions all the time when you are using your computer system, then you almost can't be effected through any virus program.

Today, virus can enter in your computer system also due to USB drive such as pen drive or memory card, etc. Therefore, install an antivirus program into your computer system and perform scanning of each and every devices that connects to your computer system before performing any actions or sharing the informations from your computer to the connected devices.

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