OS Accidental Data Loss

Accidental data loss means the loss of data or computer data due to some accidents.

Generally, data or information from the computer system losts due to threats caused by the malicious intruders.

But, sometime valuable information or data can also be lost by accident.

Here are the list of some very common causes of the accidental data loss or the loss of data from a computer system just by an accident:

  • Natural reasons such as floods, earthquakes, or fires etc.
  • Hardware/software errors such as program bugs, unreadable disks, CPU errors or malfunctions etc.
  • Self mistakes such as wrong tape, incorrect entry of data, lost disk, or telecommunication errors.

You can place your important computer data/information on Internet to recover all the data at any time, from any where.

In case, if you lost your data from your computer system, then you can't recover that data if your data isn't placed on anywhere except in your computer system. Therefore, to recover any data, just put it on Internet.

To put your data over Internet, there are many options such as make some email id and put all the files and data in your email id, or make your own website and put all the data over your own website, etc.

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