Random Topics, not directly Related to Programming

Here you will only get topics that are not directly related to programming. But these topics indirectly used in programming such as:

I've defined some of the topics that came in more than one programming language. So that not to create duplicate content. For example, you can see leap year program in more than one languages such as:

Therefore, to define leap year and its formula in all the above programs. It is better to create a separate article on Leap Year and use the link of this in each and every program. In this way, we can start programming immediately without defining these topics again and again.

Here you will see all those topics that will come in programming more than one time. We don't care from where these topics came, or to what these topics relates.

Each and every topics are defined in, as simple as possible manner. So that student come and learn these topics very easily and goes back to the programs or examples related to the topic. The topics may be:

  • From mathematics to science
  • From commerce to sports
  • Or from any field

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